Why mobile needs to be at the centre of any brand communications strategy.

Published: Irish Marketing Journal – April 2012

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So can we finally say it? 2012 is the year of the mobile!

Or is it? Or maybe it was last year… What defines the year of the mobile? Who knows and who cares… with children more likely to own a mobile than a book1, over 2 billion mobile users under the age of 302, and 1 billion3 smart devices sold last year; that’s 1 in 7 people in the world are connected at all times. I think we can safely say we are living in a mobile world.

So what is mobile? We’re not just talking your phone, we’re talking smart mobile devices; essentially a computer you can pick up and walk around with – ANYWHERE; to the gym, to the beach, to the shops, and sure why the hell not; to the loo! In fact, 60% of young people say they bring their mobile phones to bed with them every night2.

If your digital communications campaign is not starting with mobile, it’s time to give pause and reassess.

Today, over 50% of all searches are carried out on mobile devices; which begs the question – if you don’t have a mobile presence; do you even exist?

It is no longer enough to simply have a website. You must have a mobile version of your corporate site, your eCommerce site, your blog and anything else that is online. They must be optimized for any smart mobile devices. If you don’t; you will be driving your customers right into the arms of your competitors.

This is not as frightening as it sounds and can be easily remedied with quick responsive design and an extra style sheet, using fluid proportion based grids to adapt to the browser size on the device.

Once you’re mobilised, your business is opened up to a whole new world of potential marketing strategies. With 91% of mobile consumers using their phone to socialise1 and 78% using the in-built GPS functionality, we are seeing a huge emergence of SoLoMos: mobile applications utilising social networking and locational data.

18-35 year olds today expect immediate and instant connection to their peers. Many youths report feelings of “depression”, “panic” and “dysfunction” when they have had to go a day without their phones, and 80% saying they would chose to spend their last €10 on phone credit than food2. Desktop is Dead. Face it. Ok, a bit drastic. But by 2014 mobile Internet use is predicted to take over desktop Internet use4.

So Now What?

Think beyond digital, beyond mobile, think about the end user and their day-to-day life; there is no division between these anymore. We have spent the last 5 years trying to connect online and offline worlds, but this doesn’t exist anymore. Offline is online and vice versa and it is absolutely imperative that every youth communications campaign has not only a digital strategy but also a robust mobile roadmap.

SOURCES: 1 ODMGRP (odmgrp.com) | 2 YouthMobile report 2012 | 3 Data Corp | 4 IDC


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